About DEC

Direct Fit – V – Universal Catalytic Converters

Not quite sure if you should buy a direct fit or universal catalytic converter?
DEC specializes in making direct fit catalytic converters and here are some reasons why:

• When you purchase a direct fit catalytic converter, any mechanic can install it. It is a simple bolt on replacement, as opposed to a weld on a part.

• DEC’s “Vehicle Specific Loading” means just that. While a universal converter may fit hundreds of applications, our direct fit replacement converters are engineered to work on the specific vehicle they are built for. That assurance cannot be obtained when using a universal converter.

• DEC’s direct fit catalytic converters are completely new, legal aftermarket parts that are built specifically for the vehicle you are installing it on, and because they mimic the original equipment part, they are easily installed.

• Due to the fact we know what vehicles the part is being installed in, DEC is the only company in the industry that offers TSB’s and Tech Notes that apply to your specific vehicle.

Why Are We Legal?

Customers all over the country, and now specifically in New York are aware of the fact that DEC offers the most complete line of C.A.R.B. exempt, direct fit catalytic converters in the industry, yet they are wondering why they cannot find DEC listed on the CARB website.

DEC has been the pioneer of many things. We were the first to make Direct Fit Catalytic Converters and keeping with our tradition of being first, we are the first and only to have a Cross-Marketing Agreement accepted by C.A.R.B.

Below is a section of our cross-marketing agreement with Magnaflow / Car Sound which shows the accepted arrangement.

DEC continues to build strong relationships with all manufacturers of converters in the state of California due to our unique position. If an application is found on the ARB website then DEC can make the part. This puts DEC in a very unique position and through cross-marketing agreements with each manufacturer and allows us to purchase C.A.R.B. exempt products from many manufacturers and then turn them into the finest direct fit pieces anywhere in the industry.

DEC does not make universal catalytic converters, we only manufacture direct fit catalytic converters, so there is no welding involved, just a simple bolt-on application as if you ordered from the dealer.

What We Offer

Quality you can count on

More than 26 years specializing in the manufacture of replacement catalytic converters that fit properly and perform efficiently. You will not find our quality and expertise from other manufactures. All DEC products are assembled in dedicated Steel Jigs using machined mounting flanges, silent flex tubes, heavy-duty tubing, heavily loaded substrates, and precision stainless steel shells.

  • Full Machined Flanges
  • Silent Flex-Tubes
  • Quality Assembly
  • Assured Fit

What Happens Here at DEC

  • The Correct Part
  • The First Time
  • Delivered When Promised
  • Professionals who value and appreciate your business

What we do

We have a skilled, quality team that is dedicated to providing our customers with the best parts of this industry. Our experience assures you that the product we produce is of the topmost quality. Our post-manufacturing quality control staff gives us the additional insurance of that top quality. An experienced DEC quality control specialist fits all our parts into a completed jig to verify all dimensions. Our unique concept of dedicated steel jigs for each model assures perfect fit and repeatability. Friendly Customer Service From answering the Phone, to sending you an e-mail, our knowledgeable staff works when you work. Our staff is here Monday through Friday to answer your questions and provide you with excellent service. contact us!

  • Respectful customer service, you can count on.
  • A knowledgeable staff of professionals.
  • Ability and willingness to troubleshoot any issue.

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