Direct Fit – V – Universal Catalytic Converters

Not quite sure if you should buy a direct fit or universal catalytic converter?
DEC specializes in making direct fit catalytic converters and here are some reasons why:

• When you purchase a direct fit catalytic converter, any mechanic can install it. It is a simple bolt on replacement, as opposed to a weld on part.

• DEC’s “Vehicle Specific Loading” means just that. While a universal converter may fit hundreds of applications, our direct fit replacement converters are engineered to work on the specific vehicle they are built for. That assurance cannot be obtained when using a universal converter.

• DEC’s direct fit catalytic converters are completely new, legal aftermarket parts that are built specifically for the vehicle you are installing it on, and because they mimic the original equipment part, they are easily installed.

• Due to the fact we know what vehicles the part is being installed in, DEC is the only company in the industry that offers TSB’s and Tech Notes that apply to your specific vehicle.


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