New York Aftermarket Catalytic Converter Standards

After receiving the response from NY DEC I want to point out a few of the Facts that need to be stressed to the installers and the distribution in and around the New York area.
Fact:  June 1, 2013 is the cutoff date for the new regulation on catalytic converters in New York.

“6 NYCRR Section 218-7.2(c)(1) currently requires that any new aftermarket catalytic converters installed, sold, offered for sale or advertised in New York State meet the requirements of California Code of Regulation, title 13, Section 2222 beginning June 1, 2013.”  (New York Fact Sheet)
Fact: NY DEC will not enforce the provisions of Section 218-7.2(c)(1) until after January 1, 2014.

“(NY) DEC will not enforce the provisions of Section 218-7.2(c)(1) until after January 1, 2014. However, DEC expects all regulated parties to use best efforts to comply with the provisions of 6 NYCRR Section 218-7.2(c)(1) during the pendency of this exercise of enforcement discretion” (New York Fact Sheet)
Fact: If you replace your converter between June 1, 2013 and December 31, 2013 with a Federal Converter when there is a CARB certified unit, when you go for inspection after January 1, 2014 you can still receive a fine for incorrect installation.

Q: As a vehicle owner, what are my options if my vehicle’s catalytic converter needs to be replaced after June 1, 2013?

A: For the subject model year CARB and EPA 50 state certified vehicles, all catalytic converter replacements should be either an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) replacement part or a CARB certified new aftermarket catalytic converter. Federally certified new aftermarket catalytic converters may still be used on vehicles .with a federal only certification. Used, salvaged, or recycled catalytic converters cannot be installed after June 1, 2013 on any vehicle.
(New York Fact Sheet)
To be clear I will give an example. If a consumer purchases a Federal converter in August of 2013, they go an entire year or 2 until their next inspection. When they have the inspection done they will be told that the converter they have is not a legal converter. They will tell the story of when they put it on and the date of June 1, 2013 is and will always be the date that the law changes. The enforcement will start later but when it begins they will not allow a converter to pass when it is not a CARB compliant converter and a fine will be issued to the responsible party or multiple parties. This exact example happened in California and there were multiple fines issued.
DEC is committed to providing you the proper LEGAL part the first time. We will continue to have a separate NY catalog and provide our distributors with the MOST California and New York legal direct fit coverage available. Please if you have any questions about this you can contact Tim Ratcliff at D.E.C. as we are in constant communication with NY DEC as well as CARB.
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